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Market Space with a Friendly Industrial Atmosphere

3.01.2014 | 1 Comment

The LAB5 architects has designed this market space, with a friendly industrial atmosphere. One of the main elements of this unique inte...

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Unusual Example of Landscape Architecture

2.01.2014 | No Comments

How to turn the walls of your showroom into the original design work? By inviting artists to design unique vertical garden. Unusual lan...

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Wood Wall Panels for Inspirational Space

30.12.2013 | 1 Comment

A beautiful collection of 3D Wall panels by Mosarte. Collection resurrects the origins of country life, valuing beauty and the simplici...

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Mediterranean House with Large Glass Windows

27.12.2013 | 1 Comment

The simple and geometric forms of thise Mediterranean house are designed by 3LHD Architects. House V2 is located in Dubrovnik, in the u...

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Restaurant Decor With Green Spirit

18.12.2013 | No Comments

The restaurant’s interior is an elegant dining room furnished entirely by oak wood. The interior impresses with lighting and green ha...

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Smart Design Solution – an Extension of a Victorian House

16.12.2013 | No Comments

La Casa De Beauvoir shows how smart design solution can preserve and modernize urban heritage of London. This sculptural and contempora...

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Contemporary Architectural Interpretation of the House

11.12.2013 | No Comments

California House is a project completed by InForm Design & Pleysier Perkins. The architecture modern, but softened with a material ...

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Living Space Without Boundaries

10.12.2013 | No Comments

Interior design project led by the Brazilian architect Fernanda Marques, to a young couple of entrepreneurs and their two children. On ...

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Park House

9.12.2013 | No Comments

This attractive project was designed for young and openminded family. The architects opening up the building plan to encourage the bree...

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“Casa Cor Rio 2013″ Bedroom Concept by Gisele Taranto Arquitetura

4.12.2013 | No Comments

The project for the master suite, placed on the second floor of a two story penthouse apartment, was created for a couple that value in...

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Exclusive Wooden Decor

3.12.2013 | No Comments

A rooftop bar located in one of Bogota’s busiest street. El Fabuloso has an exclusive decor designed by MEMA arquitectos. It is all m...

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Modern Hotel With Industrial Background

3.12.2013 | No Comments

A modern hotel decor designed by “EC-5″ studio. The hotel is part of the historic factory building complex. The aim is to keep the ...

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Creative Inspirational Concept Store

2.12.2013 | No Comments

KATY HAS A LOFT business philosophy emphasized, is a new kind of consumer experience that combines custom clothing  made, healthy and ...

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Stunning Modern Bachelor Apartment

30.11.2013 | No Comments

Speed, performance, sleek lines, complex and delicate craftsmanship, a motor vehicle that is like a beast with explosive power… this ...

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