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Amazing Casa Cambrils

28.08.2012 | No Comments

The shape of the land that hosts this project -two rectangles joined by a long, narrow corridor- was a challenge to  Ábaton from the ...

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Contemporary Home in California

24.08.2012 | 1 Comment

Designed for two graphic designers, this house bridges between two stands of redwood trees, with the northern window wall facing out to...

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Cascading Creek House

17.08.2012 | No Comments

Cascading Creek House was conceived less as a house and more as an extension and outgrowth of the limestone and aquifers of Central Tex...

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Garden of The Senses

14.08.2012 | No Comments

The project developed a compositional idea which, as well as constructing the central axis of the Riu Sec Campus, aimed to define a tea...

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Sao Paulo Dwelling

6.08.2012 | 1 Comment

This one-storey dwelling by Studio mk27 stretches to the extremities of the site benefiting from the interior program as much as the ex...

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Beautiful urban pool area

31.07.2012 | No Comments

In order to avoid the noisy beach, Hilton Pattaya, a 200-rooms hotel, is built on the roof of a new shopping mall. TROP is responsible ...

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Stylish Beach House

27.07.2012 | No Comments

By dividing the planning of the property into separate zones linked by one large main central hub, where people can come together to re...

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Amazing Family Home

25.07.2012 | No Comments

This home has had a series of renovations over the past century; the original Edwardian home was converted into apartments in the 1930s...

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Attic Concept Office

19.07.2012 | No Comments

Interior design of the concept office Aattic by Vasiliy Butenko uses an open loft plan to divide the room into a more enjoyable workspa...

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Tower Flower

17.07.2012 | No Comments

The tower is the vertical continuation of an adjacent park. Its giant flower pots, hanging from the balconies, were inspired by Parisia...

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Contemporary Family Home

16.07.2012 | No Comments

Located in the Sydney harbour-side suburb of Castlecrag, a cellular and inward-looking mid-20th century brick bungalow has undergone a ...

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Family Villa in Mallorca

12.07.2012 | No Comments

The house is located in Sa Torre, in a plot of land next to the cliff. The client, a well-known English writer, raises an extensive pro...

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Playground For Entire Family

11.07.2012 | No Comments

The new playground makes extensive use of landform to house a variety of play experiences and elements that caters for the entire famil...

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Green Office Space

2.07.2012 | No Comments

A young general contractor with a strong belief in sustainable building practices wished to create a new, LEED certified office space t...

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