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Landscape Collection of Porcelain Tile

27.08.2013 | No Comments

Collection of Porcelain tile Landscape by Ragno - Marazzi Group, inspired by the stone. The collection is made of fine porcelain and ha...

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San Sen House Made of Wood and Glass

26.08.2013 | No Comments

Located in the woods in the area of Valle de Bravo, San Sen house is designed with a steel structure floating on the ground. It is cove...

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A Simple Set of Cubic Volumes

23.08.2013 | No Comments

If golf is your thing, then living beside a golf course might be your dream. But if you simply dream of living in a beautiful house, th...

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Freeman Modular Collection

21.08.2013 | No Comments

Modular units with completely removable covers. Fixed cover for leather version - showing stitching on back frame. Wooden frame. Non-de...

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Helena’s Villa

21.08.2013 | No Comments

A site bounded by other dwellings necessitated a villa concept designed with privacy in mind. Angular, modernist geometry interprets th...

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Private Residence Designed by Remy Meijers

19.08.2013 | No Comments

This one-hundred-year-old manor, which until recently had been used as office premises, is restored to its former glory. Also the origi...

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Bookcase and mirror by Marcello Ziliani

16.08.2013 | No Comments

Mirror at matt white lacquered metal bookcase  design by Marcello Ziliani. Adjustable mirror. To be placed on the floor or suspended f...

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Cottage With a Series of Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

14.08.2013 | No Comments

This house is designed to provide simple, functional, generous, private and light-filled living spaces for a young family, within the c...

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A Simple Home of Sophisticated Elegance

12.08.2013 | No Comments

A modest single story hillside home designed by Kendle Design for a family wishing to downsize and simplify. The feel of this home is e...

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Ring table by Gianluigi Landoni

10.08.2013 | No Comments

Escher's impossible figures inspire a coffee table that founds its uniqueness on a base that contains the harmony of those shapes. Ring...

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Adding a Modern Touch at Neoclassic House

9.08.2013 | No Comments

Güth & Braun Architekten and DYNAMO Studio created this contemporary home in 2011 for a client located in Germany. It is a renovat...

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Round Steel Coffee Table by Antonino Sciortino

8.08.2013 | No Comments

These two furniture accessories, created for La Cividina by Sicilian designer Antonino Sciortino, evoke the heritage and passion of the...

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Classic, Vintage and Elegant Hotel

7.08.2013 | No Comments

Taking inspiration from its vibrant beachside location and throwing in a few quirky surprises, the QT Gold Coast Hotel brings designer ...

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Exclusive Mediterranean Residence

5.08.2013 | No Comments

Stylish two storey apartment in Kifissia, Greece remodeled by Stirixis Exclusive. The biggest challenge was to transform the apartment ...

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