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4a Architekten Give Character to Residential House in Moscow

21.10.2013 | No Comments

 A house built in the 1990s, a client who openly welcomes change and a team of architects who are able to give a new identity to a bui...

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L-shaped Family House

19.10.2013 | 1 Comment

The single-family house is located in Bisceglie, one of the most idyllic and charming seaside resorts in the Italian Southern region of...

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Living Inspired by Sustainable Innovation

16.10.2013 | No Comments

A team of Austrian students from Vienna University of Technology (Team Austria) has has won top honors for “designing, building, and ...

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Stunning Vacation Villa in Saint Tropez

15.10.2013 | No Comments

Nestled between rocky hillsides, lush forests and crystal clear waters, this brand-new getaway is perched atop a hillside. Located in l...

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Tales Pavilion

11.10.2013 | No Comments

The Tales Pavilion came into being through a creative process inclusive of both design and enterprise. Venetian designer Luca Nichetto ...

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New Design Trends in Porro`s Showroom

10.10.2013 | No Comments

Porro's company showroom has modernized its showcase at its Montesolaro location. Luminous, but at the same time cozy, it is a space wh...

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Modern Concrete Residence in California

9.10.2013 | No Comments

Single-family residence designed and constructed entirely out of cast in place concrete. The house’s three stories, one below and two...

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Sophisticated and Elegant Apartment

8.10.2013 | No Comments

Simple and elegant apartment in soft gray colors, furnished with aristocratic and modern furniture. While the stately character of this...

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Capsula by Lucie Koldova

7.10.2013 | No Comments

The Paris-based designer Lucie Koldova has designed for the traditional Czech manufacturer Brokis a pendant lamp that is encapsulated a...

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Exterior Expansion with Thin Floating Concrete Eaves

4.10.2013 | No Comments

This building is a modern expansion of an existing house. Luxury building impresses with a combination of concrete and luxurious marble...

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Elegant and Beautiful House by the Sea

3.10.2013 | No Comments

Elegant and beautiful house perched on a top of a rocky spanish coast. The interior designer were fascinated by the architecture and b...

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Intense Green Apartment Decor

2.10.2013 | No Comments

Artistic city dwelling with a large living room decorated with a green wall panels, red brick wall and antique leather sofa, the clever...

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The Psychology of Interior Design

2.10.2013 | No Comments

Look around your living room and try to put into words how the design of your home makes you feel. Perhaps you're not happy with that u...

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Sunny Side House

24.09.2013 | No Comments

Architecturally the lowered topography and resulting upturn along the lengthy boundary edge helps to delineate and suggest that the liv...

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