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Rectangular Aluminium Table

26.11.2013 | No Comments

The Italian design company MDF Italia succeeds with its design furniture, the virtuoso combination of simplicity and functionality. It ...

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Couch Clothed in Cushions

25.11.2013 | No Comments

Dressed is a couch “clothed in” cushions, which are inserted into the sofa cover and thus become an integral aspect of the object...

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Small Cells Mural Decor

14.11.2013 | No Comments

Often interiors of large public and private buildings are decorated with attractive metal, glass or ceramic wall panels. Like mural cal...

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Furniture for Creative Workers- COW

8.11.2013 | No Comments

Merging quality with functionality and sustainability is a very Nordic concept. COW furniture series has added another layer to this mi...

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Trendy Blanket Pouf

7.11.2013 | No Comments

French design studio Les M have created 'Collerette', a convertible pouf for Italian furniture manufacturer Casamania. The single and d...

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Lamp Inspired by the Forms of Nature

6.11.2013 | No Comments

The young designers by Sovrappensiero  in collaboration with Porada has designed a lamp named  Pileo. This floor lamp was inspired  ...

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Armchair With a Unique Silhouette

5.11.2013 | No Comments

Architects and designers Claesson Koivisto Rune have created a comfortable armchair with a unique open-armed silhouette that appears to...

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How to Protect Your Kitchen’s Hardwood Flooring

1.11.2013 | No Comments

For all the benefits of real hardwood flooring - it looks fantastic, it adds value to your home, it lasts for generations - there is on...

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Season Carpet Depending on the Environment

31.10.2013 | No Comments

Season Carpet is sensible to temperature alteration and its colors and pattern is changing due to the surroundings; the weather and the...

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Oval Coffee Table by Ricardo Bello Dias

30.10.2013 | No Comments

Italian company Gallotti&Radice is well-known for their avant-garde designs featuring a variety of materials and shapes and these c...

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Landscape of Light Captured in Glass Bells

25.10.2013 | No Comments

The project Nola is a collaboration between Studio Drift and the new Dutch design label 'Buhtiq 31'. Nola started as an experiment, pla...

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Landscape Daybed

17.10.2013 | No Comments

Outofstock's Landscape daybed has a backrest designed to look like a mountain peak, which joins to a flat cushioned surface. This cushi...

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Crystal Lamp that Bring Texture and Create Pattern

17.10.2013 | No Comments

Design studio Poetic Lab recently presented the Lamp "Ripple". An articulated around two guidelines project, the refraction of light as...

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Tales Pavilion

11.10.2013 | No Comments

The Tales Pavilion came into being through a creative process inclusive of both design and enterprise. Venetian designer Luca Nichetto ...

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