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Clothing Collection

26.11.2012 | No Comments

Jung Eunyoung's 'clothing' series, responds to people's taste in fashion, but expressed through the medium of furniture. Each seating o...

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Unique Hand Lamp Concept

21.11.2012 | No Comments

The lamp is based on, and tribute to the universal art of hand shadows; making shadows on the wall using your hands to create birds, ra...

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Surrounded Stools

19.11.2012 | No Comments

'Surrounded' stools by London-based Els Woldhek of  Whatels studio introduce bright and colorful handmade garlands using a simple rope...

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Period Drama’s Opulent Influence on Fabrics and Wallpapers

16.11.2012 | No Comments

Period dramas are all the rage on television right now, and just as with any type of popular media they influence beyond the reach of t...

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Copper, Colour and Porcelain – Contemporary Emotions

14.11.2012 | No Comments

A short moment of movement, a frozen pose captured in porcelain. A pure and precious material that emphasizes every fine detail and con...

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Bottleware by Nendo

9.11.2012 | No Comments

Nendo's collaboration with Coca-Cola sees the upcycling of the soft drink manufacturer's classic contour bottle, in the form of glass b...

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Flachmann Pendant Lamp

7.11.2012 | No Comments

Flachmann pendant lamp designed by Florian Kallus and Sebastian Schneider, demonstrates minimalism at its finest. Conceived using only ...

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Nymphea Chandelier

24.10.2012 | No Comments

The Nymphea project is a chandelier that reverses the usual workings of ceiling lights. Whilst suspended from the ceiling, one looks at...

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Dewar Glassware by David Derksen

23.10.2012 | No Comments

Dutch designer David Derksen has investigated the beauty, form and manufacturing techniques found within scientific glassware. Acting a...

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Santorini Lights

11.10.2012 | No Comments

Santorini is an illumination system formed by a cylindric glass structure and four interchangeable wood pieces, that allow the user to ...

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Collection of Everyday Home Accessories

2.10.2012 | No Comments

British design studio Tom Dixon does a favor for any future anthropologist who might take interest in the lives of the 21st century. ...

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Minimally Designed Home Storage

25.09.2012 | No Comments

 'Balloon' by studio Klass is a reinterpretation of the classic valet stand. Formally influenced by balloon animals, the minimally des...

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Classic Atelier Lights

11.09.2012 | No Comments

Shadow collection by Dan Yeffet, black on black edition. The collection is based on hidden light source, a warm LED spot. The collect...

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Dusty Diamonds

6.09.2012 | No Comments

Anna Elzer Oscarson is a respectful rejuvenator of the Swedish ceramic tradition. She uses the assistance of skilled crafts people who ...

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