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Trayscape by Urbanus

18.01.2013 | No Comments

Urbanus created a table sculpture, where melamine imitates dark stone. When it's empty, the 'Trayscape' looks like a lake landscape, su...

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Almost Dog Like Table and Wall Lamp Spiff

16.01.2013 | No Comments

Spiff is a small lamp inspired by old solid wooden toys. This is the first project Northern Lighting collaborated with the young and ex...

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Unique Contemporary Style Hotel

15.01.2013 | No Comments

Macalister Mansion owners Dato Sean and Datin Karen worked with Colin Seah of Singapore's renowned Ministry of Design to renovate and r...

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Elegant, Royal, Rich Rug

15.01.2013 | No Comments

When you begin decorating a room, start with a rug. It lays the foundation for space management, color pallet, and furniture style. Ele...

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Showing Quality and Craftsmanship Matter Even in Ceiling Fans

14.01.2013 | No Comments

Right now, it is winter and most of us aren’t thinking about ceiling fans. However, before we know it, the warmer weather of spring a...

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Ray Bathroom Ceramic Washbasin

11.01.2013 | 1 Comment

By combining a simple archetypical ceramic basin with a light furniture-like support structure, Ray- a bathroom sink set-up has been cr...

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Small Armchair in Natural Soft-touch Effect

9.01.2013 | No Comments

An eccentric solution for this small armchair in natural soft-touch effect cuoietto leather. Slipped as a glove on the wooden structure...

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Pillow on the Wooden Base

20.12.2012 | No Comments

The pillow of PEPPI-COUCH is made of wrinkled Tyvek (plastic material that look and feel like paper), filled with soft polyurethane foa...

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.PSLAB and Aesop collaborate to light the newly opened Aesop boutiques in London & Paris

19.12.2012 | No Comments

.PSLAB and Aesop have collaborated with Parisian studio Ciguë, to light the newly opened Aesop stores in Paris and London. This consti...

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Luxurious Cabinets Hold-H & Hold-V by Gauthier Poulain

5.12.2012 | No Comments

Designed in the pure tradition of handcrafted luxury luggage, the Hold cabinets are attached and strapped to a painted metallic tubular...

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Gubi Present The New Bestlite Collection

4.12.2012 | No Comments

Bestlite has been in continuous production since 1930. Winston Churchill is numbered amongst its many famous users. The Bestlite design...

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Clothing Collection

26.11.2012 | No Comments

Jung Eunyoung's 'clothing' series, responds to people's taste in fashion, but expressed through the medium of furniture. Each seating o...

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Unique Hand Lamp Concept

21.11.2012 | No Comments

The lamp is based on, and tribute to the universal art of hand shadows; making shadows on the wall using your hands to create birds, ra...

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Surrounded Stools

19.11.2012 | No Comments

'Surrounded' stools by London-based Els Woldhek of  Whatels studio introduce bright and colorful handmade garlands using a simple rope...

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