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Gardenias-Outdoor Furniture Collection by Jaime Hayon

31.03.2013 | 1 Comment

Gardenias offers a softer, more curvaceous appearance-svelte, subtle and feminine- its designer's characteristic style. With this colle...

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Shield or Modular Pendant Light

27.03.2013 | No Comments

Designed by Swedish studio "Form us with love" as a voluminous illumination shield as well as a modular LED pendant light, 'Hood' - the...

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Stylish City House

25.03.2013 | No Comments

Stylish house for a modern family with lots of character located in London, England. Stylish  home for a modern family, located in Lon...

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Plastic Meets Ceramic in Kartell by Laufen

25.03.2013 | 1 Comment

'Kartell by Laufen' is a bathrooom which brings together the material essence and technological innovations of two companies: Italian f...

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Studioart Leather Wall Tiles

25.03.2013 | No Comments

Studioart leather wall tiles is articulated in an extraordinary variety of solutions: the new material and original embossing options s...

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Tips When Shopping for a New Bed

24.03.2013 | No Comments

Choosing a new bed can be a hugely important decision. After all, on average, we spend over a third of our lives asleep, so picking the...

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Minimalist Design Lamp

22.03.2013 | No Comments

Designed to offer a directional, pointed and sober light, Paon fits perfectly as a bedside table lamp to read in bed or as an ambient l...

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Skin Designer Radiators

19.03.2013 | No Comments

Skin  radiators designed by James Di Marco for Caleido. The carbon steel coating of the Skin designer radiators gives exclusive values...

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Innovative Heating System Thermo Stack

14.03.2013 | No Comments

Adriano Design and La Castellamonte have won the prestigious ISH Design Plus Award for the innovative heating system Thermo Stack. ...

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Collection of Wallcoverings Inspired by the World of Food

13.03.2013 | No Comments

“Gardens of Wonder” is the all-new collection of wall coverings produced by Giardini Wallcoverings and signed by Vincenzo Dascanio....

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Match-Lighting Collection That Can be Customised Virtually

13.03.2013 | 1 Comment

Looking for uniqueness? Introducing Vibia’s new lighting concept, based on the principle of co-creation. Much more than a light fixtu...

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White Oak Chair

12.03.2013 | No Comments

‘NaMu‘ chair was designed by Peter Yong Ra, he used a white oak, teak and paper cord . “On a daily basis everyday objects are inh...

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Layer Easy Chair

10.03.2013 | No Comments

Offecct`s new collaboration with Läufer + Keichel is the easy chair Layer. This chair is characterized by three layers, which can be v...

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Hand-Tufted Rugs Inspired By Street Scenes

9.03.2013 | No Comments

Swedish studio Form Us With Love recently debuted Hidden Stockholm, a series of three new carpets that pay touching tribute to the hues...

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