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Flexible and Portable Creations

3.03.2013 | No Comments

Young Danish designer Kristina Kjær exhibited  latest creations at the TEKO stand in the Greenhouse area at Stockholm Furniture Fair ...

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Provocative and Surreal Object

28.02.2013 | No Comments

The ceramic vase Shaky was born as a provocative and surreal object. It is an abstract presence, characterized by a clear geometry, pla...

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Modular Wine Rack

27.02.2013 | No Comments

Anurak Suchat are product designer base in Bangkok, Thailand who produced a modular system.  "Connex" wine rack system is an extendabl...

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Light Fixture Made From Raw Wood

26.02.2013 | No Comments

The idea of a plank of wood is transformed into a lighting object, illuminated by dimmable LEDs. Conceived by Frida Ottemo Fröberg and...

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Clip Collection by Nendo

21.02.2013 | No Comments

An interior accessory collection for Discipline, based on the concept of steel sheets cut out like frames that ‘clip’ onto somethin...

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Sensuous Objects Made of Textile

18.02.2013 | No Comments

Design that makes Kristine Five Melvær create emotional bonds between object and user. By searching for the sensual essence of phenome...

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Borderline Collection Designed by A+A Cooren

8.02.2013 | No Comments

Vertigo Bird is a young Slovenian brand that produces interior decorative lighting. Their products have won several design awards, the ...

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Family of Objects Made of Cork

5.02.2013 | No Comments

Twodesigners realised a family of objects based on the connection between different elements. Every combination has its own identity as...

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Y collection designed by A+A Cooren

31.01.2013 | No Comments

The 'Y console' and 'Y table' - designed by Paris-based studio A+A Cooren as guests of Sam Baron and friends - are part of the 'Y colle...

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Silo Pendant Lamp

31.01.2013 | No Comments

Silo hanging lamp by Stockholm's Note Design Studio, which was inspired by the classical silhouette of a grain silo and comes in white,...

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Candle Holders for Menu

30.01.2013 | No Comments

Danish design studio KiBiSi used a compound of stone and resin to produce these candle holders for Danish design brand Menu. The obje...

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Ready Made Curtain

25.01.2013 | No Comments

Kvadrat and designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec have come together to solve the challenges posed by a little explored area of domestic...

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Stammtisch by Alfredo Häberli

21.01.2013 | No Comments

The unique table conceived by Swiss designer Alfredo Häberli for dutch brand Quodes, the furniture piece exhibits a horizontal bar whi...

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Trayscape by Urbanus

18.01.2013 | No Comments

Urbanus created a table sculpture, where melamine imitates dark stone. When it's empty, the 'Trayscape' looks like a lake landscape, su...

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