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Big Formats Wall Tiles by INALCO

14.06.2013 | No Comments

Collection 80.4 is a large-format porcelain tiles that combines simplicity with avant-garde flair. Its colours (blanco and negro) can b...

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Tonelli Design Mirrors

11.06.2013 | No Comments

This is a mirror, but not in the traditional sense as its reflective surface. Tonelli Design Mirrors has a collection of wall-mounted m...

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What to Look For In a Freestanding Oven

9.06.2013 | No Comments

The days when a cooker was a huge presence in the kitchen are not necessarily gone but for those looking for a more flexible way of arr...

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Stick Lighting Collection

8.06.2013 | No Comments

French designer Matali Crasset created a new lighting collection for Italian lighting manufacturer Fabbian Illuminazione. Stick stems f...

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Flaps Radiator

8.06.2013 | No Comments

Flaps is the new radiator by Antrax designed by Victor Vasilev. The idea behind this project came from observing the shapes and functio...

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Raw Collection in Silk Georgette Stone

7.06.2013 | No Comments

Designer Piero Lissoni has created a new line of tiles. This is a series of stones cut like pieces of wood. Salvatori has revolutionize...

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Modern and Joyful Reinterpretation of the Persian Carpet

5.06.2013 | No Comments

Solid-color wool rug, design by Philipp Mainzer and Farah Ebrahimi for a brand e15. In a desire to introduce colour in modern and flexi...

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Goose Feather Sofa

4.06.2013 | No Comments

Goose feather sofa, design by Jean-Marie Massaud part of Yale Collection. An armchair and sofas with large seat cushions. ...

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Creating the Perfect Home Cinema

3.06.2013 | No Comments

Anyone who is passionate about music and films will tell you that the ultimate aspiration of a true aficionado is to have a specially d...

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Metal Furniture by Sharon Sides

2.06.2013 | 1 Comment

'Stumps collection' consisted by chairs, stools and tables. She is using the appearance of wood and its grainy texture as an aesthetic ...

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Large-Format Porcelain Tiles in a Slimline

1.06.2013 | No Comments

The value of authentic, artisan-made products represents a return to our roots, focusing on the craftsmanship of the natural due to its...

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Kitchen Design Trends 2013

31.05.2013 | No Comments

It’s a well-known fact that the kitchen is an influential part of any home. The right kitchen can make life easier on a daily basis a...

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Stammtisch Table by Alfredo Häberli

30.05.2013 | No Comments

The Stammtisch is based on the idea to design a social, warm yet visually lightweight table. The shape invites a large number of people...

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Bell Lights

28.05.2013 | No Comments

Sebastian Herkner’s “Bell Lights” reveal their adaptability and flexibility at the very first glance. Each lampshade in this fami...

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