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Round Steel Coffee Table by Antonino Sciortino

8.08.2013 | No Comments

These two furniture accessories, created for La Cividina by Sicilian designer Antonino Sciortino, evoke the heritage and passion of the...

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Steel Table Lamp by Sara Bernardi

7.08.2013 | No Comments

Con.Tradition draws its inspiration from Chinese tradition. The concept is based on the apparent contradiction between the essence of c...

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Contemporary Table System

6.08.2013 | No Comments

A Florence design graduate has created an inspired and innovative piece of furniture that reflects her interpretation of the dynamic be...

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Round Coffee Table by Giorgio Cattelan

5.08.2013 | No Comments

Coffee table with base in white lacquered or matt graphite aluminium. MDF veneered top in log section of walnut tree trunk. Aproximate ...

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Quartz Armchair

1.08.2013 | No Comments

Greek design studio CTRLZAK have collaborated with Davide Barzaghi to create the Quartz Armchair. QUARTZ is a system that couples two-d...

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Trenzas Cotton Rug

30.07.2013 | No Comments

Made of wool and cotton on manual looms, the braided collection displays nature in a pure form while evoking comfort and quality. Modul...

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Minimalistic Armchair Fifty

29.07.2013 | No Comments

As the transition from indoors to outdoors blurs, the distinction between winter garden and garden living room is becoming increasingly...

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Striped Fabric in a New Three-dimensional Experience

28.07.2013 | No Comments

The Cloud Collection by Brazilian designer Humberto Damata is built around the weft technique whereby a set of lines are interwoven cre...

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Bell-shaped Pendant Lamp

23.07.2013 | No Comments

Ronde is owing to the bell-shaped spun aluminium shade a traditional archetype of a pendant lamp. But a unique detail is the opening on...

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Stripe Lounge Chair

23.07.2013 | No Comments

STRIPE is an upholstered lounge chair in a slim and lightweight appearing design. A special and simple linkage between the plywood seat...

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Yupik Lamp

21.07.2013 | No Comments

The 'Yupik Lamp' by Swedish studio Form Us With Love for Italian lighting company Fontana Arte is designed to be easily moved around an...

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Morocco Furnishings Collection

20.07.2013 | No Comments

Inspired by Morocco of the 1950s, Morocco Furnishings Collection by José Lévy presents tables, seating and mirrors that capture an es...

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Table Concept

18.07.2013 | No Comments

John Tong's Mooncake is a table concept where diners eat directly off of a moonscape-like tabletop, replete with what looks like shallo...

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Sectional Upholstered Sofa by Mauro Lipparini

15.07.2013 | No Comments

An accurate definition of volumes; a design language capable of elaborating highly harmonious shapes, which come together in a series o...

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