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Wall House

14.06.2013 | No Comments

Wall House designed by Singapore-based architects FARM is two houses in one. They are similar looking, yet independent and coming toget...

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Dramatic Sculptural Space

12.06.2013 | No Comments

The Prahran Hotel is a substantial two storey corner pub with a striking streamlined art deco facade. The rear of the venue had a poorl...

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The Green House

7.06.2013 | No Comments

The Green House stands as a monolithic copper cube, quietly complementing its context – a lush park opposite the plot. From the outs...

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Illuminate Your Garden With LED Lighting

6.06.2013 | No Comments

Whilst the bitter cold may still be keeping our coats on, it may be hard to believe that Spring is finally here. The British weather ha...

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Elegant and Warm House Interior

4.06.2013 | No Comments

Modern architecture offers us its best in the form of this appealing and gorgeous house in the suburbs of Tel Aviv, Israel. The contemp...

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Desert Beach House

31.05.2013 | No Comments

This project is a temporal private beach house. It’s located south of Lima, within a desert climate near to the Pacific Ocean. The ma...

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A new public space

30.05.2013 | No Comments

As well as a being a new public space in the town of Lyngby, the plaza is the new face of the company BRFkredit. As such it is designed...

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Wooden Cube House

29.05.2013 | No Comments

Wooden Cube House is a project designed by 81.WAW.PL. It is a home brimming with subdued elegance, glass and wooden walls, and an impec...

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Innovational ecosystem

23.05.2013 | No Comments

Wellspring is an invitation to investigate and understand the natural processes to restore the relationship with the environment. It si...

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Kannelloni Collection by Karim Rashid

18.05.2013 | No Comments

Kannelloni is a new collection designed by Karim Rashid for the company Vondom. The Kannelloni planters have a minimal design and a pur...

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House With a Generous Glass Facade

14.05.2013 | No Comments

The project M2 at Bozen-Moritzing is a Klimahouse A which hosts two accommodations on separate floors. A continuous wall, which pass...

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House Surrounded by a Garden

10.05.2013 | No Comments

A home that respond to the practical needs of family life and to create a feeling of sanctuary. Built over four floors, the living area...

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Landscape of Stone and Water

7.05.2013 | No Comments

Topographical landscape of stone and water at this installation created by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma in Milan last month. Kengo Ku...

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Three-Family Home

6.05.2013 | No Comments

This residential project for three young friends who decided to build their homes together could be considered an architectural explora...

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