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Sky Box Apartment

6.03.2013 | No Comments

Sky Box Apartment located in the Netherlands, designed by Centric Design Group:“A wonderfully livable family apartment on the water. ...

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How to Make Your Home More Eco-friendly

6.03.2013 | No Comments

Over the last decade there has been a growing trend among architects to create designs that are both environmentally-friendly and styli...

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Park Design for a High Density Housing Area

5.03.2013 | No Comments

LANDLAB took this challenge and proposed to leave  traditional layout and to conceive the area around the sixteen newly built apartmen...

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Flexible and Portable Creations

3.03.2013 | No Comments

Young Danish designer Kristina Kjær exhibited  latest creations at the TEKO stand in the Greenhouse area at Stockholm Furniture Fair ...

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Cloud Installation

27.02.2013 | No Comments

Canadian interior designers Mason Studio filled a warehouse with luminous clouds as a calming space amid the hustle and bustle of the T...

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Uninterrupted Flow of Contours

25.02.2013 | No Comments

'IS sofa' whit organic shape  is composed of a continuous line connecting its generous CNC cut wooden armrests, with that of its padde...

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Keast Park by Site Office

20.02.2013 | 1 Comment

Keast Park is a finely crafted project that sits firmly, yet gently in the landscape, marrying architecture and landscape to define the...

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Amazing Sculptures Made by Juan Diego Miguel

6.02.2013 | No Comments

Madrid-based artist Juan Diego Miguel creates interesting sculptures using unusual materials such as recycled picture frames and scrap ...

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Pretty Geometrics Wallpaper Collection

4.02.2013 | No Comments

Kirath Ghundoo introduces her new wallpaper collection for 2013. Entitled '13' the collection showcases three new patterns, Jewel, Ash ...

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Candle Holders for Menu

30.01.2013 | No Comments

Danish design studio KiBiSi used a compound of stone and resin to produce these candle holders for Danish design brand Menu. The obje...

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Mendicant by Robert Wechsler

25.01.2013 | No Comments

American artist Robert Wechsler has realized a series of sculptural cubes made from thousands of pennies titled “The Mendicant“. Cu...

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Organic Centerpiece

23.01.2013 | No Comments

Ryan Taylor has created Babylon, a light that also features a small garden. The Babylon Light is a plantable light fixture. Made of al...

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Stammtisch by Alfredo Häberli

21.01.2013 | No Comments

The unique table conceived by Swiss designer Alfredo Häberli for dutch brand Quodes, the furniture piece exhibits a horizontal bar whi...

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Trayscape by Urbanus

18.01.2013 | No Comments

Urbanus created a table sculpture, where melamine imitates dark stone. When it's empty, the 'Trayscape' looks like a lake landscape, su...

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