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Nando’s restaurant by B3 Designers

21.11.2012 | No Comments

Inspiration was taken from a South African market place full of vibrancy, life and intense sun the ‘inside-outside’ feel of the res...

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Taiwan Noodle House

24.09.2012 | No Comments

Golucci International Design have designed a second Taiwan Noodle House in Beijing, China. Relief between outside and inside with open ...

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Classic Atelier Lights

11.09.2012 | No Comments

Shadow collection by Dan Yeffet, black on black edition. The collection is based on hidden light source, a warm LED spot. The collect...

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Centrini by Fabio Vinella

25.07.2012 | No Comments

 A new centerpiece design by Fabio Vinella- accent iron made inspired by the doilies handmade by our grandmothers. It can be used lik...

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Bakery Depot

10.07.2012 | No Comments

Kyoob-ID, Singapore’s boutique architectural interior design consultancy creates new, lifestyle interior concept for Cedele by The Ba...

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COR Is Following Nature’s Example

3.07.2012 | No Comments

"Anyone walking across a spring meadow or through woodland in the autumn experiences a sense of pleasure," says Siegfried Schindler, "n...

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Cloud House

20.06.2012 | No Comments

The Cloud House is an addition and renovation to a double-fronted Edwardian house in Fitzroy North. Over the course of close to a centu...

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Miss Less by Philippe Starck

2.05.2012 | No Comments

A rigorous material chair which grew out of a sculpture is transformed into an industrially produced household item. The seat has the s...

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Waterside House

23.03.2012 | No Comments

Waterside house is clad in perforated aluminium panels, the rear is entirely glazed, so that residents can watch the sun set. Some of t...

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Unique Lounge Chair that Stimulating the Senses

10.02.2012 | No Comments

Blush has a contrasting and playful appearance that invites the user to explore the materials, construction and comfortability. The cha...

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A Huge Selection of Bar Stools

6.10.2011 | No Comments

At More Bar Stools, you will find a huge selection of commercial grade bar stools. You might find stools come in pairs, or as single st...

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Simple Home With a Pool

7.09.2011 | 1 Comment

This simple home is designed upon the foundations of a previous residence and around an existing pool. The prior house ignored the ba...

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New Bottle Grinder

17.03.2011 | No Comments

MENU’s new Bottle Grinder is build for performance with a clear ambition to intrigue your senses. It leaves a powerful first impressi...

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A Completely new Carpet by kymo

17.02.2011 | No Comments

Only recently under development in the Kymo Lab and already the latest high-tech material in our 2011 collection... a fabric that has w...

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