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Cave-like Space for Starbucks

6.03.2012 | 1 Comment

Location of this Starbucks is somehow characteristic, as it stands on the main approach to the Dazaifu Tenmangu, one of the most major ...

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Boxing Clever – Cubit Modular Shelving System

2.03.2012 | No Comments

Cubit® is a patented modular storage system. It is simple, functional, easy to install and incredibly cheap. Cubit® comes in 21 sizes...

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Tulle, the sustainable lightness of stone claddings

2.03.2012 | No Comments

At the 2012 International Furniture Show in Milan, Lithos Design presents a world preview of Tulle, an astounding modular stone claddin...

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Simple Doll-like Series

29.02.2012 | No Comments

Les poupées- 'dolls',  is the work of designer Luca Nichetto. The series consists of a ceramic candle holder and a glass vase in a ra...

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Handcrafted Faceture Series

27.02.2012 | No Comments

They may look machine-made, but the faceted objects in Phil Cuttance’s Faceture series are crafted by hand. Designer has assembled a ...

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Bricks Decor at the Corner Restaurant

24.02.2012 | No Comments

The space is characterized by the use of two strong walls, which visually define the space organizing the functional program: kitchen, ...

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Monumental Candlestick

23.02.2012 | 1 Comment

From Anki Gneib, a monumental candlestick that encourages us to celebrate in our everyday lives. More than ever we need to surround ou...

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Lithos Design at the 2012 International Bathroom Exhibition in Milan

23.02.2012 | No Comments

Lithos Design, in a booth spanning 100 m2, will be presenting a world preview of an amazing collection of stone claddings that will onc...

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Remodeling of an Urban House

22.02.2012 | 1 Comment

Located in the city of Estoril, Portugal, in a low-density urban area, house sits quietly a house in a field where green predominates. ...

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Big Basket Chair

21.02.2012 | No Comments

The Big Basket is a chair made out of felt, woven in to a steel frame. The idea comes from the old basket wicking techniques. Swedish d...

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Fragment Rug

20.02.2012 | No Comments

Fragment is a rug with torn edges and a fading pattern like a wall in decay. The certain fascination we feel with a ruin of a castle or...

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Contemporary Mexican Style House

18.02.2012 | No Comments

Located in one of the most beautiful beaches in Jalisco, this residence is designed in a contemporary mexican style. The house perches ...

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Inverted Topography

15.02.2012 | No Comments

The project is a part of a business hotel which has been redesigned by the firm as a repositioning exercise. The strategy was to create...

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Spectacular Residence With Indoor Glass Pool

13.02.2012 | No Comments

Discreetly located in Hampstead Village, an area of North London, UK, the Gayton Road residence is a 6,400 square foot, five bedroom co...

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