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Psychic Landscapes by Clare Woods

8.12.2010 | No Comments

Clare Woods makes paintings of psychic landscapes. Her images are transcribed from photographs, which are taken at night, often in de...

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NE(X)st 53 by Mauro Fassino

1.12.2010 | No Comments

A pigeon 5 meters high has made a nest in Turin Giachino 53 via a short walk from Stazione Dora. It is not the plot of a Hitchcock film...

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Scrapwood Wallpaper

12.11.2010 | No Comments

For Scrapwood Wallpaper' dutch designer Piet Hein Eek has managed to emulate real planks of wood on paper for the wallcovering. The top...

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Mad Park Residence

3.11.2010 | 1 Comment

The site for this home is a steep slope corner lot in a prestigious neighborhood. Existing site conditions include neighbors to the w...

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A New Kind of Magic Realism

27.10.2010 | No Comments

A look into the work of Italian artist Willy Verginer, not only known for having a cool name but also producing masterful wooden sculpt...

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Stone Walls by Lithos Design

25.10.2010 | 1 Comment

These artistic walls are inspired by the steady and determined hand of a sculptor, brought to life on a grand scale using modern techn...

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José Parlá’s Art

8.10.2010 | No Comments

José Parlá's - who now works in New York - created his own unique style which reminds of great calligraphic letters. His life, like h...

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Modern Art-Luke Rudolf

2.09.2010 | No Comments

'My paintings hijack the visual language of modernist abstraction and the figurative tradition of portraiture by using the signifiers o...

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Cactuses by Kwang-Ho Lee

26.08.2010 | No Comments

In creating the new cactus and landscape series, Kwang-Ho Lee has experimented with various techniques such as scratching, rubbing of t...

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LÍtill Terrariums-Tiny, Living Sculpture

27.07.2010 | No Comments

LÍtill terrariums are not your average terrariums. Influenced by the minimalistic yet colorful ambiance of Palm Springs, Lauren's ter...

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Alex Fischer`s art

26.07.2010 | No Comments

Alex Fischer blurs the distinction between traditional painting, sculpture, and temporal, video-based and digital art. Acrylics, found ...

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Visual Art by Claire Morgan

12.07.2010 | No Comments

Claire Morgan is a visual artist working primarily in the area of sculpture and installation, though drawing forms an important part o...

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Decorative Lighting

4.06.2010 | No Comments

Northern Irish artist and designer Rachel O'Neill works at the interface between art and design using a variety of tactile materials to...

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The Cutting (& Stitching) Edge

2.06.2010 | No Comments

Alicia Ross is a mixed media artist from Cleveland, Ohio. She takes cross stitch and electrifies it. "  The Motherboard Series is an e...

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