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Story vases

1.10.2011 | No Comments

Editions in craft present 'Story vases' by Swedish design collective Front and the Siyazama project - a collection of women working wit...

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Glass Handmade Lamps

30.09.2011 | No Comments

Created by by Berlin-born designer Hanna Krüger, 'add.on' is a series of individually handmade lamps. That entwines the production pro...

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Karlín Apartment, Prague

21.09.2011 | No Comments

Beautiful and artistic apartment designed by architect Barbara Čorejová Krajnak in Prague. via ...

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Wonky Pots

10.09.2011 | No Comments

These vessels are celebrating the so called accidental aesthetics series, showing off the beauty of the imperfect, asymmetrical, human....

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Katarzyna Gajewska’s artwork

30.08.2011 | No Comments

Katarzyna Gajewska is a painter and mixed media artist. Her painting process is somewhere between dream and documentation. Her art is r...

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Conspiracy Theories  

30.06.2011 | No Comments

Matthew Quick has worked variously as a kitchen hand, designer, photographer, picture framer, salesman, copywriter, art director &...

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Embroidered Portraits

22.06.2011 | No Comments

Rather than stitching “Home Sweet Home” or images of birds and flowers, Kornrumpf has created portraits of people. Each piece was ...

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To Redesign Wide and Contemporary Apartment Penthouse

7.06.2011 | No Comments

The young architect Guilherme Torres was called to redesign this duplex apartment penthouse in the Itaim  neighbourhood, in São Paulo...

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Contemporary Steel Installations

18.05.2011 | 1 Comment

At what temperature is steel mouldable like clay? For Jeremy Thomas, 1,500 degrees are enough, along with a paradox which is just as h...

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Towering Art Structure

12.05.2011 | No Comments

Cambodian artist Sopheap Pich develops large-scale sculptures that draw on the history of his native country, daily life and own person...

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Growing Vases by nendo

10.05.2011 | No Comments

By turning the pipes into flowers and branches and the glass into a vase, nendo has literally turned convention on its head, making fl...

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The poetic figures of Julie Tremblay

2.05.2011 | No Comments

Julie Tremblay is a young, talented Canadian artist  who was born in Quebec City in 1972 and currently resides in Copenhagen. Tremblay...

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Clever, Functional Products

4.04.2011 | No Comments

Industrial designer Stephen Burks has his first solo exhibition at The Studio Museum in Harlem furthering his ongoing exploration of th...

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Lou Ros`s Art

31.03.2011 | No Comments

Lou Ros, 26, began painting at the age of 17. He started doing graffiti for fun with friends on the walls of buildings. But this game s...

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