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Figural Pieces Full of Motion and Unease

10.12.2012 | No Comments

Unwieldy sculptures of Ryan Johnson, entitled Self Storage, meditates on the messiness of life in transition, whether between independe...

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Copper, Colour and Porcelain – Contemporary Emotions

14.11.2012 | No Comments

A short moment of movement, a frozen pose captured in porcelain. A pure and precious material that emphasizes every fine detail and con...

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Psychological Portrait and Metaphysical Landscape

8.11.2012 | No Comments

Psychological portrait and metaphysical landscape by Hiroyasu Tsuri. He have used animals as symbols of instinctive emotion, or metapho...

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A Circle in a Square

5.11.2012 | No Comments

In November 2011 Art Front, a Tokyo-based gallery, asked the Italian artist Massimo Bartolini to design a 470 sqm room situated in of t...

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Cloud Interactive Installation

24.10.2012 | No Comments

Cloud is a large scale interactive installation by artist Caitlind r.c. Brown that appeared September 15th as part of Nuit Blanche Calg...

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Small Everyday Things

10.10.2012 | No Comments

Marise Maas incorporates and deconstructs the small, everyday things in her paintings: pods from the garden, lampshades, headphones, t...

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Kicked Over Cactus

3.10.2012 | No Comments

Winston Chmielinski has the innate ability to balance his faintly morose subjects with an extensive palette of cheerful and rosy colors...

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Dusty Diamonds

6.09.2012 | No Comments

Anna Elzer Oscarson is a respectful rejuvenator of the Swedish ceramic tradition. She uses the assistance of skilled crafts people who ...

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Black Cloud by Carlos Amorales

3.09.2012 | No Comments

Black Cloud, installation by artist Carlos Amorales is comprised of thousands of black paper cutout moths, which are affixed to gallery...

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Re-designed Restaurant Interior

21.08.2012 | No Comments

Amerikka Design Office Ltd. had created a new space concept for the restaurant, designed to support its new food, drink and service con...

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Beautifully Colourful Creations of Rug Design

1.08.2012 | No Comments

The collaboration with Akira Isogawa for Designer Rugs started as a limited edition collection in 2005 and was an exercise in balance a...

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Melissa Thomson`s Paintings

30.07.2012 | No Comments

Paintings by Melissa Thomson from the ECUAD 2012 graduate catalog. ...

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Bangkok University Student Lounge

27.07.2012 | No Comments

There have been a lot of discussions about todays education whether it happen in classrooms, libraries, homes, cafes etc. when knowledg...

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Black Antoinette An Exhibition By Olaf Hajek

29.06.2012 | No Comments

Berlin gallery Gestalten Space has on display works by German artist Olaf Hajek as his new book 'Black Antoinette'. Collection of the a...

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