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Budget friendly decor ideas

14.04.2013 | No Comments

With the global economic situation as it is, we are all looking for ways to budget appropriately and skimp in others that we perhaps wo...

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Green Installation Patrick Nadeau

10.04.2013 | No Comments

Green installation by Paris architect Patrick Nadeau made for ELLE DECO coffee at Maison & Object. ...

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Mystic Forms by Natalie Mather

9.04.2013 | No Comments

Natalie Mather is a painter who is interested in the process of a work’s construction, that is, how a “finished” work emerges fro...

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Vapeur Motif Lamps

6.04.2013 | No Comments

French designer Inga Sempe presents her Vapeur Motif Lamps for Moustache during Milan design week 2013. Using the mechanical and struct...

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Private Moon

31.03.2013 | No Comments

Moscow born physician turned avant-garde artist Leonid Tishkov has been travelling around the world with his mobile art installation 'P...

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“White” Book Show Installation

29.03.2013 | No Comments

“White”, a gallery installation produced by the 20 students of Studio 400, a fifth-year architectural design studio at California P...

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Studioart Leather Wall Tiles

25.03.2013 | No Comments

Studioart leather wall tiles is articulated in an extraordinary variety of solutions: the new material and original embossing options s...

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Christo Creates The Largest Indoor Sculpture In History

21.03.2013 | No Comments

Gasometer Oberhausen, the largest gas storage silo in Europe, is one of the rare sites that Christo has taken on twice: once in 1998 wi...

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Wooden Mesh

16.03.2013 | No Comments

Italian industrial designer Diego Vencato has created a collection of wooden textiles. The fabrics, called Wooden Mesh, were designed t...

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Sculptural Paintings by Richard Pearse

15.03.2013 | No Comments

Richard Pearse`s sculptural paintings ware built up by the number and size of the wooden offcuts layered together, coupled with the tex...

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Ordinary Live

10.03.2013 | No Comments

These paintings and drawings explore the potential for spookiness and uneasiness that exists within the everyday in common dwellings an...

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Kaleidoscopic Multi Universe

5.03.2013 | 1 Comment

Karim Rashid has created a collection of wallpaper for Italian design brand Glamora, a "kaleidoscopic Multi Universe, that is hypnotic,...

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Money in Contemporary Society

1.03.2013 | No Comments

'Increased value' is a series of objects representing synthesized reflections on the idea of money through adornment where tickle engag...

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Cloud Installation

27.02.2013 | No Comments

Canadian interior designers Mason Studio filled a warehouse with luminous clouds as a calming space amid the hustle and bustle of the T...

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