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Landscapes on the Boundary of Abstraction

10.07.2014 | No Comments

Abstract landscapes that invoke melancholy, monochromatic colors fill the canvas. Matthieu van Riel paints landscapes on the...

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Asian Restaurant with Interactive Light Installation

17.06.2014 | No Comments

Three dimension art space set within a dramatic triple height premise - the new creation of Atelier INDJ - this breathtaking artistic ...

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Graffiti Art by Saber

12.06.2014 | No Comments

Saber is an American graffiti artist, and painter working in Los Angeles. He is famous with series of abstract works in spray paint, oi...

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Dynamic Space for Contemporary Art – Art’otel Amsterdam

2.06.2014 | No Comments

This award winning hotel (Best Hotel Design 2013 award and the Best Restaurant Design 2013 award) is located in the historic center of ...

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Bugs Sculptures by Lisandro Baibiene

21.05.2014 | No Comments

Lisandro Baibiene is a graphic artist from Argentina. He created a series of bug sculptures - "a global point of macro view in insect l...

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Colorful and Vibrant Home Interior by Guilherme Torres Architects

15.05.2014 | No Comments

Colorful and vibrant space, filled with natural light, surrounded by luxuriant gardens with conceptual art furnishing - this in a nut s...

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Unique and Beautiful Sculptural Baskets

12.05.2014 | No Comments

When a product is handmade, it closely resembles a work of art. Thats why we publish baskets and centrepiece collection  by Venetian a...

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Shustov Brandy Bar Decor by Denis Belenko Design Band

7.05.2014 | No Comments

This amazing and artistic restaurant decor can be found and enjoyed in Odessa – Ukraine.  Denis Belenko Design Band has created this...

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Decorative Wallpaper by Inkiostro Bianco

18.02.2014 | No Comments

A new wall or floor mounted wallpaper was designed by Inkiostro Bianco in collaboration with Mapei. EQ Dekor is much more than a simple...

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Bright, Emotional and Dynamic Landscape Art

4.02.2014 | No Comments

Canadian landscape painter Steve Driscoll showed his latest collection of paintings- Heaven Is Where You Find It. The collection is bri...

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Wood Panel Wall – 3D cladding by Wonderwall Studios

24.01.2014 | No Comments

In a world that destroys itself every given second, architects and designers are obliged to plan their products' impact on the environm...

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Hotel with Unique Art Atmosphere

17.12.2013 | No Comments

What need young people who travel all around the world? Every modern hotel offers WiFi internet access, a flatscreen tv, comfy beds, 24...

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“Casa Cor Rio 2013″ Bedroom Concept by Gisele Taranto Arquitetura

4.12.2013 | No Comments

The project for the master suite, placed on the second floor of a two story penthouse apartment, was created for a couple that value in...

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3D Wall Panel by Jacopo Cecchi and Romano Zenoni

26.11.2013 | No Comments

The wall panels are so modern and easily to use and became so popular decor material especially in public interiors. This collection is...

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