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Glass Objects for Everyday Use

18.07.2014 | No Comments

Finnish designer Maija Puoskari combines glass and wood to create objects for everyday use that are simple, practical and innovative. ...

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Functional Rift Radiator with Simple, Elegant Design

9.07.2014 | No Comments

Rift is presented as another step forward in research in the field of technical and aesthetic innovation of radiators. This functional ...

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Table Confluence by Xavier Lust

25.06.2014 | No Comments

Here's an attractive way to show chic Italian furniture to the New York furniture fair. At this year's exhibition ICCF - Pianca showed...

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Functional and Elegant Bowl Collection by Arik Levy

3.06.2014 | No Comments

An exclusive new designs by Arik Levy - bathroom equipment for the Spanish firm Inbani. Bowl Collection are with very refined aesthetic...

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Wooden High Froc Chair for Toddlers and Kids

12.05.2014 | No Comments

Froc is a product of Rimarket, a family company based in Slovenia, EU. Together with design studio Gigodesign they developed a new wood...

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Ping-pong Table Made of Glass

9.04.2014 | No Comments

Biggest event on the international design - Milan Furniture Fair has started yesterday. The most important event will be in Milan till ...

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Decorative Concrete Containers by 3 Dots Collective

1.04.2014 | No Comments

3 Dots Collective has created an experimental collection of small, modular containers for everyday use. Made by two basic materials - c...

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Innovative Modular System by StudioPANG

27.03.2014 | No Comments

Cubic is the innovative modular system consisting of three modular elements designed by studioPANG. This basic geometric shape create c...

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Wall Mounted Double Washbasin Cabinet Ukiyo-e

13.02.2014 | No Comments

Round wash basin was inspired by the spirit of Eastern thinking. Countertop or wall hung installation was made by wood and fire-clay gl...

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Modern Radiators Design by Italian Brand Tubies

30.01.2014 | No Comments

Products designed to shape the interior landscape as well as heat it- is the best way to describe the artful radiators created by the I...

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Coffee Set With a Wooden Tray by Luca Nichetto

20.01.2014 | No Comments

Luca Nichetto was inspired to create the Sucabaruca Coffee Set with a worldly aesthetic flavor. The designer collaborated with Lera Moi...

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The Stage Interactive Shelve

8.01.2014 | No Comments

Dutch product label Spell has design a product that will make our life more easier. The 'Stage' is an elegant meeting place for all you...

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Stockwerk Shelf

19.12.2013 | No Comments

Another example of furniture inspired by the nomadic urban life. Shelves are wooden, but it seems light, mobile and easily to assemble....

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Avant-garde TableTron

14.12.2013 | No Comments

A rational design inspired by the movie. TableTron was designed by Marc Sadler for the Italian-based manufacturer Capo d'Opera. ...

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