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Landscapes on the Boundary of Abstraction

10.07.2014 | No Comments

Abstract landscapes that invoke melancholy, monochromatic colors fill the canvas. Matthieu van Riel paints landscapes on the b...

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Graffiti Art by Saber

12.06.2014 | No Comments

Saber is an American graffiti artist, and painter working in Los Angeles. He is famous with series of abstract works in spray paint, oi...

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Bugs Sculptures by Lisandro Baibiene

21.05.2014 | No Comments

Lisandro Baibiene is a graphic artist from Argentina. He created a series of bug sculptures - "a global point of macro view in insect l...

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Unique and Beautiful Sculptural Baskets

12.05.2014 | No Comments

When a product is handmade, it closely resembles a work of art. Thats why we publish baskets and centrepiece collection  by Venetian a...

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Bright, Emotional and Dynamic Landscape Art

4.02.2014 | No Comments

Canadian landscape painter Steve Driscoll showed his latest collection of paintings- Heaven Is Where You Find It. The collection is bri...

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Venice Landscapes by Giampaolo Ghisetti

22.10.2013 | No Comments

The landscapes of the Italian artist Giampaolo Ghisetti are poetic, ethereal and dreamy. He shows Venice in different, an artistic way ...

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Art Installation of Windmills

27.09.2013 | No Comments

Lebanese designer Najla El Zein has installed 5000 spinning paper windmills in a doorway at the V&A museum in London. Each of the s...

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Large-scale Dynamic Paintings by Franz Ackermann

6.09.2013 | No Comments

Franz Ackermann makes exuberant paintings and installations centred on themes of travel, tourism, globalisation and urbanism. ...

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Amazing Cactuses

22.08.2013 | No Comments

Amazing airbrush paintings by Aimei Osazki. This surreal cactus look like humanistic features of their own, each one with their own per...

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Andrew Hem’s Otherworldly Paintings

13.08.2013 | No Comments

Andrew Hem's introspective, otherworldly paintings explore realities one step away from our everyday waking life. Fascinated by graffit...

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Organic Transformations by Henrique Oliveira

25.07.2013 | 1 Comment

Recently installed at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, was constructed by Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira who is known for his near com...

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Giant Paper Installation

10.07.2013 | No Comments

Brooklyn based Wade Kavanaugh and Stephen B. Nguyen have created a massive paper sculpture for the art center of Sun Valley in Ketchum,...

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Amazing Art by Nikos Gyftakis

6.07.2013 | No Comments

These Self-Portraits are energetic paintings by Nikos Gyftakis. Using vibrant colors and swirling brush strokes, the Greek artist blend...

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Decorative Mirrors by Samuel Accoceberry

26.06.2013 | 1 Comment

Angled steel panels tessellate to form these decorative mirrors by Paris designer Samuel Accoceberry. Accoceberry built the LUXX mirror...

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