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Lamps Inspired By Industrial Tubes

4.04.2014 | No Comments

An artistic re-interpretation of well-known industrial shapes by changing the functionality - the pipes are transformed into tubes. Eli...

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Table Integrated with Lighting

17.03.2014 | No Comments

It is clever it is trendy! This is a bedside table integrated with a light designed by A43. Design of small furniture is a test for any...

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Innovative Woven Pendant Lamp

28.02.2014 | No Comments

The designer Morten Voss uses materials in an innovative combination. Simple design and monochromatic colors make the lamps extremely s...

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Fiberglass Outdoor Lighting

7.02.2014 | No Comments

An hand-made experience with eco-friendly material-fibreglass, to create a unique light. This lighting is based on the concept of simpl...

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Concrete Lamps with an Industrial-looking Aesthetic

20.01.2014 | No Comments

The concrete is a key element used by James Burgess for his latest product design collection. T-light series consists of a table and pe...

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Stainless Steel Wall Light by Paolo Ulian

14.01.2014 | No Comments

Arianna Collection are playful and practical. Arianna is like a spool on to which to wind or unwind the electric cable, allowing it rea...

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Light Fixture Made of Bamboo Umbrella

7.01.2014 | No Comments

Higasa lamp is a light fitting designed by Facet Studio. It was born in collaboration between Facet Studio and Hiyoshiya. Hiyoshiya is ...

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Light Inside a Metallic Basket

16.12.2013 | No Comments

Simple but clever design of a light inside a metallic basket. The Light Container pendant lamp was designed by Martin Azua. The series ...

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Environmentally Friendly Kelvin LED Green

13.12.2013 | No Comments

The Kelvin LED Green is a forward thinking, LED light designed by the award-winning furniture and industrial designers, Antonio Citteri...

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Needle Lamp With Swing Arm

11.12.2013 | No Comments

With a keen eye for detail, refinement and quality mixed with a little fun and originality, Vitamin’s product are more than just a li...

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Garden Lamp of Metal and Glass by Christian Piccolo

4.12.2013 | No Comments

High profile shapes, squared lines for sceneries with great identity. Inspired by toy soldiers game, Game is a garden lamp with a mater...

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Small Lamp Elegant and Minimal

27.11.2013 | No Comments

Taiwan-based studio Kimu Design has created "The New Old Lamp", a small lamp elegant and minimal. From a small wooden base soars fine m...

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Lamp Inspired by the Forms of Nature

6.11.2013 | No Comments

The young designers by Sovrappensiero  in collaboration with Porada has designed a lamp named  Pileo. This floor lamp was inspired  ...

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Landscape of Light Captured in Glass Bells

25.10.2013 | No Comments

The project Nola is a collaboration between Studio Drift and the new Dutch design label 'Buhtiq 31'. Nola started as an experiment, pla...

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