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Loft Sofa by Studio Marelli

10.04.2014 | No Comments

Classic forms, modern colors and contemporary style all in one sofa – a new model Loft design by Studio Marelli. Its universal form a...

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Upholstered Chairs Design Ideas by Steve Vanhulle

31.03.2014 | No Comments

One of a real beautiful craft is custom upholstery. This furniture is good looking but also very exposed because fabrics quickly wear o...

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Sunny Yellow Outdoor Furniture Collection

19.03.2014 | No Comments

With its sunny yellow collection Mex, consisting of a two-seater sofa, chair, bench, stool and swing, a string of half a centimeter thi...

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Fabric Outdoor Furniture by Monica Armani

26.02.2014 | No Comments

A stylish outdoor collection formed by knitted textile. This is a leading element in the design of the Tosca outdoor furniture. Beautif...

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3D Textile With Good Acoustic Isolation

3.02.2014 | No Comments

Aleksandra Gaca developed 3D Textile in collaboration with Casalis. Fabrics offers good acoustic isolation but is aesthetically pleasin...

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Modular Furniture Unit by Philippe Starck for Cassina

22.01.2014 | No Comments

Modular furniture unit by Philippe Starck for Cassina integrates wireless charging. This is not the first attempt to integrate chargers...

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Relaxing Fabric Armchair by Jonas Jurgaitis

2.01.2014 | No Comments

Tufty is composed of a hard veneered shell and soft-cored spikes that are easily bent for convenience. Those grass leaves are easily be...

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Upholstered Day Bed by Giorgio Soressi

28.12.2013 | No Comments

The backrest makes this daybed unique and recognizable. Similar to a fan-shaped the backrest can be made ​​tufted or smooth. Soft, ...

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Light Gray Sofa

5.12.2013 | No Comments

An artistic piece of furniture designed by Anne Boysen. The oval form cushion made this sofa to look like a cloud. To achieve a unique ...

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Bean Bag with Removable Cover

4.12.2013 | No Comments

Trap emerges in that context, the traps are the source of inspiration represented in the functional configuration of lines, shapes and ...

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Couch Clothed in Cushions

25.11.2013 | No Comments

Dressed is a couch “clothed in” cushions, which are inserted into the sofa cover and thus become an integral aspect of the object...

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Trendy Blanket Pouf

7.11.2013 | No Comments

French design studio Les M have created 'Collerette', a convertible pouf for Italian furniture manufacturer Casamania. The single and d...

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Landscape Daybed

17.10.2013 | No Comments

Outofstock's Landscape daybed has a backrest designed to look like a mountain peak, which joins to a flat cushioned surface. This cushi...

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Bedroom Trends: Soft and Sinuous

11.10.2013 | No Comments

Trends in modern bedroom furniture by designers of Flou are inspired by classical models. Again they developed models with canopy, roma...

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