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Minimalistic Taiwanese Loft by Oliver Interior Design

16.04.2014 | No Comments

This minimalistic Taiwanese loft - designed by Oliver Interior Design - captures the attention with its simple, yet modern and dynamic ...

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Mnochrome Kiev Apartment by Alena Yudina

14.04.2014 | No Comments

Alena Yudina is a young and talented designer that manages to involve at this project young Ukrainian designers. The decor of the apart...

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Cosy Eclectic Apartment by Fabio Fantolino

8.04.2014 | No Comments

The elegant design created from architect Fabio Fantolino brings to this residential project, located in central Torino- Italy, certain...

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Glamorous Istanbul Apartment by Tanju Ozelgin

4.04.2014 | No Comments

This glamorous and stylish apartment design is created by Tanju Özelgin and is located in the Turkish capital- Istanbul. The project g...

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Modern Urban Home Design by Andrey Dmitriev

30.03.2014 | No Comments

The design of this modern urban home belongs to Andrey Dmitriev and impresses with clear, artistic and stylish decor. Using wood, conte...

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Stylish Apartment With Fantastic View

25.03.2014 | No Comments

A delicate, light and stylish living area whose fluid effect is further emphasized by light stoneware flooring.  Apartment Sch are de...

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Modern Cosily Furnished Home by Studio Tolicci

19.03.2014 | No Comments

The interior designer Tomas Belica by studio Tolicci shows how large living area can be transformed into a pleasant place to live. This...

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Inspirational Traveler’s Apartment by Studio Goodnova – Godiniaux

18.03.2014 | No Comments

Inspired by adventure and world travel, this small apartment is a bold project combining crafts and materials from around the globe to ...

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Small Modest Apartment in Hanoi

12.03.2014 | No Comments

Natural materials, clear lines and clever utilization of the space are characterizing this small modest apartment situated in Hanoi. It...

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Elegant Ljubljana Apartment with Geometric Lines by Lidija Dragisic Studio 360

7.03.2014 | No Comments

Geometric forms used as an art decor, simple, clear elegance of tones and materials, contemporary approach toward classics furnishing -...

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Modern Apartment with Hidden LED Lighting by Matteo Nunziati

3.03.2014 | No Comments

How the ideal family apartment looks these days? This is not a secret. The famous Italian designer Matteo Nunziati has made this extrem...

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Trendy Apartment Decor with Geometric and Graphic Elements

24.02.2014 | No Comments

This small apartment space situated in a trendy area of Cape Town is another wonderful example of how limited space can be converted in...

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Modern Apartment Interior in Venice

21.02.2014 | No Comments

Here is an absolute proof of how small and unpretentious space can be converted into example of modern and artistic interior design. Th...

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Luxurious Top Apartment whit Roof Garden

17.02.2014 | No Comments

The Number 6 of Palazzo Valperga Galleani in Turin-Italy is an impressive example of how renovation works can bring back to life an old...

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