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Modern House Near Poznan


The main task was to create a new structure that would accommodate a spacious single storey living space with a kitchen and a dining area. The existing building was to be refurbished to house a garage and storage functions in the ground floor and bedrooms in the upper levels. the new structure is attached to the existing one through a staircase. The entire building is clearly divided into two volumes – the old one with its historical charm that shows its primary usage and the addition that is a clean contemporary form. Used materials and large windows in the living space connect with the surrounding scenery. via


  1. Hello,

    I love this floor. Could you please let me know if the floor is covered with tiles? Or Paint? How can I do this kind of floor? I will be happy to receive your answer as I would love to have a floor like this and I have no idea where to start how to achieve it.
    Kind regards,

  2. I am very sorry but I suppose that in the title its mistake you said “pozan”, but there is a city in Poland “Poznan”. Please check. BR

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