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The main residential level is split into two parts (day and night) flanking the staircase. Day rooms including living room/kitchen, pantry and home office, are orientated parallel to the street providing for the visual connection to the site entrance. Home office with adjoining bathroom can also serve as guest accommodation. Large sliding doors connect interior with exterior. Master bedroom with two children rooms (convertible into one bigger room) are facing rear garden. Adjoining corridor is lit by the south facing roof light with a constant interplay of light and shadow throughout the day. via

Stylish Homes Dom Zlomu stylish home interior kitchen

Stylish Homes Dom Zlomu stylish homes living night

Stylish Homes Dom Zlomu stylish home livingroom interior

Stylish Homes Dom Zlomu interior corridor night

Stylish Homes Dom Zlomu stylish home dom zlomu

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  1. Ravinder Singh Sasn says:

    Nice decoration but it is not a small house.

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