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The Stone House


The plan of “The Stone House” was inspired not so much by modern architecture, but  from traditional buildings in the region – the so-called stone towers. In his house architect decided to use only local materials: stone, marble and wood. Only simple shapes can enter into competition with the grandeur and magnificence of nature. The architect was focused of finding a functional solution of the complex space, drawing attention to the plasticity of the volume and expressiveness of  construction and finishing materials.

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  1. Love how – what I would call “honest” materials (stone, wood, metal – blend beautifully with the concrete as well as surrounding nature. In addition, these materials being from the region adds to the “green” factor, which is already present by having the indoor-outdoor connection omnipresent – or so it seems – throughout the house. Though the house looks very inviting as is and as a “zen” feel to it, I am wondering if the monochromatic would get tiring after a while. There does not seem to be much color throughout the space. No colorful artwork or flowers…. maybe the textures compensate for that. Anyhow, beautiful building!

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