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Delightful L-shape Kitchen


They opted for a delightful L-shape kitchen from the Glass range with a bar that adds this intimate and informal touch, a kitchen where they could share breakfasts, dinners, cups of coffee or simply chat while one of them cooks. Amalia and Eric combined wall furniture and columns in gloss gray lacquer with floor cupboards in Amberes grey. In order to give a light-hearted touch of color, bright yellow was used for the bar, worktop and bay. The household appliances were hidden in cupboards with discrete handles, which resulted in a roomy and clean kitchen. A novel storage system using glass cubes in different colors was fitted which, away from the work zone, increases the kitchen space. Via logoscoop.com

Delightful L shape Kitchen novel storage system

Delightful L shape Kitchen delightful L shape kitchen

Delightful L shape Kitchen modern kitchen furniture

Delightful L shape Kitchen glossy white kitchen units

Delightful L shape Kitchen glossy white kitchen

Delightful L shape Kitchen kitchen work zone

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