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A novel idea was to design a kitchen hidden behind folding doors. The chosen solution did not make the kitchen into a feature, but added to the atmosphere of the rest of the house. This did not mean that the space was cramped or not functional as, despite being small, it had everything needed for a full kitchen. This kitchen therefore easily and discretely fitted in with the rest of the house, and can be left open or closed as Helena wants and with a special touch of originality and freshness thanks to the layered red and orange gloss colours. White counter height tables like the one on the left can serve multiple purposes.

Hidden Kitchen Design hidden red kitchen design

Hidden Kitchen Design small apartment kitchen

Hidden Kitchen Design cooking and living

Hidden Kitchen Design Hidden kitchen detail

Hidden Kitchen Design hidden kitchen details

Hidden Kitchen Design hidden kitchen living room

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  1. spiros petropoulos says:

    Μια πάρα πολύ ωραία ιδέα για την κουζίνα στον πάνω όροφο του Βουτζά

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  3. Zeynep says:

    Tanju Özelgin, a famous Turkish designer, designed and applied this hidden kitchen concept in 2003 (at least I saw the finished product in 2003). He has it in his house if not elsewhere. It just looks the same, but it is black. Anyway this is not a “new” concept. FYI.

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