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Deck House


Deck House is an another great project by Chilean architect Felipe Assadi. Like some other his projects and a lot of other houses in Chile it has an open plan and large gazing in order to make nature around it more closer. Although the house also has a beautiful and practical desk which isn’t usually as big as this one. Like the whole house it’s made of wood and has built-in swimming pool. It is also has an inclined area which is a perfect place to sunbathing without a lounge chair. The deck is connected to the house’s floor to form a wood-clad object with glass that connects it. A living area, a kitchen and a dining room are combined to save some space without losing in spaciousness.

Deck House interior1

Deck House white interior

Deck House wooden desks

Deck House modern wooden home

Deck House modern wooden desks

Deck House wooden house

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