• cubic beach house rocco vidal
    Cubic Beach House by RoccoVidal P+W
  • three dimension art space bthumb
    Asian Restaurant with Interactive Light Installation
  • departamento loft redchurch studio verve architects bthumb
    Dynamic Loft Warehouse Style Apartment

Interior Design

14.07.2014 | No Comments

The 28th edition of Casa Cor Sao Paulo shows 79 environments with solutions for homes, apartments, lofts and studios exclusively create...

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Furniture Design

19.07.2014 | No Comments

Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola has developed a family of outdoor furniture that expresses textural and visual influences from archi...

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Interior Decorating

15.07.2014 | No Comments

Fresh ethnic motif - Aztec prints, on a wall draws attention to this new restaurant by design – duo Dyer – Smith Frey, when you get...

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25.06.2014 | No Comments

There is nothing new or trendy in flooring everything is well forgotten old solutions, but reached with the help of new technologies or...

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27.06.2014 | No Comments

Another great example haw Steve Vanhulle's work transforms ordinary chair into peace of art. Ball Chair was designed by Eero Aarnio in ...

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12.05.2014 | No Comments

Inspired by the contemporary urban context and architectural trends, the new pastel tiles, raw cooper wall and soft grey floors become ...

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16.07.2014 | No Comments

Cement pendant lamp in seven different shapes is part of new Settenani Collection by Matteo Ugolini. All of them are in concrete, matt ...

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Product Design

18.07.2014 | No Comments

Finnish designer Maija Puoskari combines glass and wood to create objects for everyday use that are simple, practical and innovative. ...

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30.06.2014 | No Comments

Lone Outdoor Pools are part of Hotel Lone outdoor spaces, hidden in forest park. The project includes three outdoor pools and an accomp...

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10.07.2014 | No Comments

Abstract landscapes that invoke melancholy, monochromatic colors fill the canvas. Matthieu van Riel paints landscapes on the...

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Trends & Tips

22.07.2014 | No Comments

“Into the light-hotel” is a stylish and artistic creation of A31 for the exhibition 100% Hotel Show in Greece.  Its inspiration is...

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Stylish Homes

23.07.2014 | No Comments

This cozy, renovated New Zealand house gets its warm charm through combining the modernistic look with, typical for the neighborhood, c...

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